Site Design

At Rob Marett Custom Homes, we see the site on which your home will be built as an extension of the home itself. Rob Marett will work closely with clients, landplanners, and Architects to determine the proper position of the home in relation to the surrounding land and arrange the interior and exterior space to take advantage of outside attributes. By designing ample windows to bring in natural light, building porches in private and proper position and addressing the home’s privacy issues, you are assured to capture the best possible views and to thoroughly enjoy your home inside and out.

Your site design will be carefully created based on the environment’s surroundings. By planning properly and providing landscape and hardscape treatments that blend in naturally to the setting of your property, we leave an impression of a home built long ago while giving you the confidence of knowing that it will last well into the future.

Creating architecturally sound plans and selecting qualified trade contractors can add stress to the building process for most homeowners. Rob Marett Custom Homes transforms the process of building your dream home into a seamless, enjoyable experience.

You may choose to work directly with our architects to develop a timeless and classic design with an open floor plan and an endless range of interior details, or we can work with your architect on desired or existing plans.